Zeo-Trade Hybrid Exchange Platform

The First of its kind. We are merging the Centralize and Decentralize exchange platform to form one Exchange. The P2P of DEX and easiness of CEX and even more

We are excited to build this awesome Platform to meet every users need. Be a stakeholder today, by participating in our airdrop campaign.

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Free Listing With KYC

Encrypted Cold Wallet.

ICO Listing With KYC

P2P Exchange Engine

ZeoTrade Remarkable Features

The following features makes us unique, and completely different from other exchange platforms. We have seen the needs and we are set to meet them.

ZeoTrade Token

The Zeotrade token is an ERC20 Token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. With the target of hitting 0.01 ETH per token before the end of this year.

Already Listed currencies

To prove that we are listing tokens for free, we will be listing top 200 tokens using Coin Market Cap Ranking.

Supported Blockchain Wallet And Coins

These wallet will be made available for all registered users and can be traded against directly. Also these Wallets can be Exported or imported on our Platform.

Bitcoin Fully Available
Ethereum Fully Available
NEO Fully Available
Cardano Coming Soon
Monero Coming Very Late

Trust Wallet System

What is Trust Wallet System?

It is no news that the cryptocurrency market is filled with fraudsters. They will go any length to get their hands on users hard earn crypto assets. Even to the point of providing valid Identification for KYC, knowing fully well that there is no law to penalize them for defrauding users funds.
We have taught it wise to store ICOs and listed token funds in a Multi-Signature wallet that is owned by Zeotrade and the ICOs or Token Owner, we will be holding two of the Keys.
Also we know that Crypto buyers can be the most disturb persons. Always complaining and looking for how to dump assets the minute it enters an exchange. So therefore, limits will be place on how users can sell off tokens using our Trade engine Validator. This will believe will help reduce the ill dumping from Crypto Buyers which can be very frustrating to Token Owners. Scam Token owners from defrauding investors.

Free Token Listing

Why are we listing tokens for free?

Apart from it being a very good marketing strategy. It is a known fact that exchange platforms use listing of crypto assets as a means to extorts money from tokens and coin owners. This act also has its own merit like reducing scammers. However many potential good products never got to the market because of this same reason. We have chosen to make listing free and make the token verification very tedious.

What Blockchain Tokens can be listed?

Right now all Ethereum ERC20 Token can be listed, provided the token is written following the ERC20 convection.
Also NEO NIP5 token are also supported. Cardano, EOS and IOTA tokens will be coming in soon.

Decentralize Exchange Engine

The Diagram below shows how our exchange engine works, a perfect Peer To Peer System .

exchange flow chart

The Diagram explains how our exchange engine works. Amos want to sell XQT Tokens. And he placed an order and the order is validated and stored. Next Bob placed an Order to Buy XQT Tokens at a price favorable to Amos' order. Their Wallets are validated checking if they are fit for the transaction and also that the transaction is not found on the Blockchain to prevent double spending. And next the Exchange is carried out without any third party interference.


Join the most successful ICO that has 80% assurance to succeed, and with a fall-back policy for investors.

As an Investor

You have the opportunity to select from a stream of feasible I.C.O backed with MVP project that have high market value to companies and users.

We select the most achievable I.C.O as well as, verify the teams, the goal, locations, and the market behind of the project.
So the I.C.O presented to you here is very likely to succeed.
However Fall-back measures are in place where the product fails behind expectation. The Funds from the ICOs are stored on a Multi-Sig Wallet. Which is release to the ICO owner gradually under supervision for a month after I.C.O completion.

You can also be part of the I.C.O screening team by informing the telegram Admin.

As an I.C.O Owner

Quickly get investors to partake on your ICO. If your tokens is listed here with us the token holders will have limited sell options for a month after listing to help Dumping, and increase HODLING. ICO Listing is Free. However you will have to go through a thorough KYC process also your funds will be stored. To help protect investors and you as well.

Zeotrade Achievements

Zeorex BAI System

Since 2017 Zeorex has been trading the capital market as hedge fund managers using an A.I System for investors and forex enthusiasts.

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Zeocoin Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

The Zeocoin is a cryptocurrency that has its own Blockchain and coin. Built matching the Bitcoin security standard, using more than one proof algorithm to validate its block. With the aim of allowing the ZVM to process smart contracts. It is already been exchange on Zeorex as a reward for investing.

About Zeocoin
Would you like to trade with this platform, if yes then, it will interest you to know that we are given out 1% of the total token produce as giveaway.
To Earn token please join our telegram group. And use our Air Drop Campaign Bot.
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